Jamestown+ Torrent [2019] [PC] Download

Jamestown+ Torrent [2019] [PC] Download - Uptowngames

Jamestown+ Torrent [2019] [PC] Download - Uptowngames


Built from the ground up to be an exciting experience for players of all levels, Jamestown + is friendly to shoot at newbies, as well as offering the maximum acceleration challenge that diehard fans of the genre want. Colonial Mars, Jamestown + is a neoclassical cooperative game for up to four players. Lush pixelart and an award-winning orchestral soundtrack immerse you in the battle of Raleigh to protect Britain’s last bastion: the colony of Jamestown. Jamestown + presents all the intensity, depth and handcrafted pixels of a classic arcade game, with a modern twist: deeply integrated cooperative gameplay. Eight years in development, this is the definitive expanded and remastered edition of the critically acclaimed debut title all: Jamestown’s wide range of difficulty levels offers newcomers an exciting way to get into the shoot’em up genre, as well as giving experts the intense control action they desire.Jamestown + plays beautifully in any number of players – you only lose one credit when the whole team is destroyed at once, so you’re always happy to have a bonus friend in action! Play with up to four of literally any type of control! Jamestown + controller detection and key rewinds allow you and your friends to enter the game with whatever you have at hand. Four rats? Checks. One mouse and three keyboards? Checks. A Steam controller, a DDR keyboard, a Rock Band guitar and a Flightsim controller? Check and also upload a video of yourself doing this. What do we mean by “+” ?: Two new, handcrafted levels, set in Phobos & Deimos, the moons of Mars. New ships: Take on the horrors of Mars with several powerful new ships and their unique cargoes, including Treasure’s powerful missile fusilades, Ghost’s powerful Excalibur and Shadow double, and The Armada, three new configurable characters that allow 36 possible weapon loads, allowing players to create their own style of play. Numerous improvements, large and small, including new background and enemy images, level layout adjustments, bookmark pattern adjustments and a fully integrated user interface. The original soundtrack and sound effects have been carefully remastered for 5.1 surround sound, equipped with the new Gorilla Audio engine.

Jamestown+ download pc 2019

Jamestown+ Torrent [2019] [PC] Download - Uptowngames Jamestown+ Torrent [2019] [PC] Download - Uptowngames Jamestown+ Torrent [2019] [PC] Download - Uptowngames Jamestown+ Torrent [2019] [PC] Download - Uptowngames



OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP with SP2 / Vista / 7
Processor: Intel® Pentium ™ 4 2.4 GHz or better
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: Any OpenGL 2.0 graphics card with 256MB + video RAM and full GLSL support
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 350 MB of available space
Other notes: One keyboard, controller, or mouse required per player. Supports multiple mice and / or keyboards. 3-buttons required for mouse play.


Jamestown+ Torrent [2019] [PC] Download - Uptowngames





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