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You woke up in a mansion that was a secret research center, but now has turned into a maze full of deadly traps and zombies. You need to find a way out by overcoming your fears, collecting items along the way, solving puzzles and finding out the truth …

In 1970, a research group of scientists discovered a new, previously unknown virus in blood samples of the primitive Torkue tribe living in New Guinea. Some scientists believe that this virus will help uncover the secret of immortality. They named it “Heavenly Dust”.
But it turned out that this is not a gift from heaven, but a gateway to hell …

After the New Guinea research facility was destroyed in an accident, Celestial Dust was shipped to the United States of America. All research was entrusted and conducted by their subsidiary StarDust.

No one knew what threat was looming …



Platform: Windows
Release date: February 26, 2020
Genre: Survival Horror
Developer: One Gruel Studio
Publisher: indienova
Version: update 05/01/2020
Publication type: Unofficial
Release: Scene
Release by: SiMPLEX
Interface language: English, Russian, Chinese (simpl.), German
Voice Language: None
Tabletka: Sewn-in (CODEX emu.)

Requisitos de Sistema

Operating system: Windows 7 + (x64)
Processor: 1.6GHz or above
Video card: Intel HD 4000, Direct X 9.0c
Disk space: 2 GB

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Heaven Dust Torrent [PC] [2020] Download - Uptowngames.org



Heaven Dust Torrent [PC] [2020] Download - Uptowngames.org




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