.hack//Quarantine Part 4 Torrent [2003] [PS2] Download

.hack//Quarantine Part 4 Torrent [2003] [PS2] Download - Uptowngames

.hack//Quarantine Part 4 Torrent [2003] [PS2] Download - Uptowngames


So, the adventures of Kite are coming to an end.
It’s rather strange if you are reading this description right now, because what is the game about
it should be clear from previous series, if you don’t have any, then go ahead, download, buy, etc.

Plot. (in short, to get acquainted with the series, you can read the description I posted on the distribution of the Third part: Outbreak
As you remember, the third part of Outbreak ended in an epic battle between your team and a certain evil bastard named Gorre-The Machinator
All the scattered clues, evidence, events are finally united in a single whole, and hint at a certain phenomenon called “Abominable wave”, the mystery that surrounds
tweet bracelet. And now it all depends on you. Will you be able to end this mess that you fought over 3 parts
This is briefly, so as not to spoil the plot, for those who have not played.
Throughout the previous three parts you have made friends and enemies, in the same part prepare for the fact that you will have even more allies and your enemies will become much stronger.
Even if you were slightly disappointed with the plot of the previous parts, in this final part, the plot will capture you and drag you to the final credits!
lan, now about the gameplay
Combat: combat because it is an action RPG, the corresponding – click on the button-attack
Well .. for comparison, you can bring herts kingdom, only in our case the set of character actions compared to KX is very limited.
Magic and Skills work from the menu, entering which the game is paused. Some
not familiar, and as if knocks out of the general stream of battle, but after just a few fights you get used to it and stop noticing.
quite about the action game, now about everything else:
so all sorts of goodies inherent in any J-rpg:
1 Grunty raisng (you can raise a unique pet and ride it around the world and even get game items from it)
2 Grunty Racing- Pet Racing
3 Item completion — any j-rpg fan knows what it is — a complete collection of all the items in the game.
4 BBS-system- a messaging system with other players (DO NOT forget we play the MMORG simulation, only offline
5 An interesting trading system, as in any mmorg we can trade and buy items from game characters. It is clear that they are not gaming but NPCs, but the implementation is cool.
6 Interactive Gate system- enter keywords to determine the type of dungeon we’ll go to.
7 Desktop interface (selection of screen savers and music)
8 e-mail we receive and send mail messages to other players
this is just a small part of the listed gameplay elements that we will meet in the game

Further Graphics and Sound
I can’t say anything special, if you played in the previous parts, then the graphics have not changed compared to them. Not to say that it is too bad, but at times of course it leaves much to be desired hmm .. game of 2003 all the same
I can’t say anything superlative by the sound either, there are memorable topics, mostly more or less monotonous. The sound effects are sometimes true mmm too sharp, nothing like that, from the ears blood does not pour, but still I have to note
Time spent playing and replayability
One more joint. Quarantine is essentially just part of a big game, so counting on it to take sooo much time as a full game is stupid.
Possible replay? after the end, the game provides an opportunity to play on. which in general is not bad in itself. Replaying the entire series, knowing the plot is already boring.

.hack//Quarantine Part 4 Torrent [2003] [PS2] Download - Uptowngames .hack//Quarantine Part 4 Torrent [2003] [PS2] Download - Uptowngames .hack//Quarantine Part 4 Torrent [2003] [PS2] Download - Uptowngames .hack//Quarantine Part 4 Torrent [2003] [PS2] Download - Uptowngames .hack//Quarantine Part 4 Torrent [2003] [PS2] Download - Uptowngames


Release Year: 2004
Genre: Action / RPG
Developer: CyberConnect2
Publisher: ATARI
Platform: PS2
Region: NTSC
Media: DVD
Age: 13+
Language: ENG
Type of translation: no
Multiplayer: no

.hack//Quarantine Part 4

.hack//Quarantine Part 4 Torrent [2003] [PS2] Download - Uptowngames





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