Guitar Hero 3 Torrent [2008] [PC] Download

Guitar Hero 3 Torrent [2008] [PC] Download - Uptowngames

Guitar Hero 3 Torrent [2008] [PC] Download - Uptowngames


Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is a musical rhythm game, in which the player must press the buttons as they appear on the screen, according to the music. Becoming famous for using a guitar as a controller in their games, the Guitar Hero franchise dominates the rhythmic games market to this day, and this title was one of the most important in the series.

Become a rock ‘n’ roll legend by taking on the skin of a guitarist on his way to fame, starting his journey in garage shows and ending it in a dispute against the demon himself. Among the novelties implemented in the game are a new repertoire including extremely prestigious bands, such as Iron Maiden, Poison, Beastie Boys, Kiss, and many others.

Game Name: Guitar Hero III
Release Year: 2008
Author / Developer: Juiceh
Distribution Type: Other
Program Version: 1.3
Required game version: 1.3
Interface language: English
Required game language: English
Description: Torrent includes 17 packs with tracks, a program for installing them, as well as patch 1.3 and crack 1.3.

Guitar Hero 3 Torrent pc

Guitar Hero 3 Torrent [2008] [PC] Download - Uptowngames Guitar Hero 3 Torrent [2008] [PC] Download - Uptowngames Guitar Hero 3 Torrent [2008] [PC] Download - Uptowngames


Modern Metal Pack:

1. Avenged Sevenfold – Almost Easy.
2. Deathtones – Hole in the earth.
3. Thrice – The Arsonist

No Doubt Pack:

1. Don’t speak.
2. Excuse me mr.
3. Sunday mornin.

Muse Pack:

1. Supermassive Black Hole.
2. Exopolitics.
3. Stockholm Syndrome.
European Single:
1. Extrememundo – So payaso
2. Trust – Antisocial


1. Heroes of our time.
2. Operation Ground and Pound.
3. Revolution Deathsquad.


1. The end begins – God of War II
2. Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain – I Am Murloc
3. Halo Theme – O’Donnel, Salvatori, Vai.
4. Top Gun Anthem – Steve Ouimette
5. We 3 things – Steve Ouimette
Dropkick Murphy:
1. Famous For Nothing
2. Flannigan’s Ball.
3. Johnny, I hardley knew ya.


1. Violet Mill.
2. Yellow.
Def Leppard:
1. Nine Lives.
2. Photograph (LIVE!)
3. Rock of Ages (LIVE!)


1. Buckethead – Soothslayer.
2. Joe Satnara – Surfing with the alien.
3. Steve Vai – For the love of God.
Boss Battle Pack: (contains the solo’s in full version).
1. Morello Solo.
2. Slash Solo.
3. Steve Ouimette – Devil went down to Georgia.


1. AFI – Carcinogen Crush.
2. Flyleaf – Tina.
3. Marilyn Manson – Putting holes in Happiness.
Classic Rock:
1. Boston – Price of Mind.
2. Foreigner – Jukebox Hero.
3. Journey – Any way you want it.


1. The Road Crew.
2. Motorhead.
3. Stay Down.
Isle of Wight Festival.
1. Kaiser Chiefs – I predict a Riot.
2. Kashian – Shoot the Runner.
3. Sex Pistols – Problems.
Foo Fighters:
1. all my Life.
2. The pretender.
3. This is a call.


1. Linkin Park – No more Sorrow.
2. Mastodon – Sleeping Giant.
3. Awkward – Pretty Handome.


Guitar Hero 3 Torrent [2008] [PC] Download - Uptowngames





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