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FIFA 2005 Torrent (PC) Download - Uptowngames

  FIFA 2005 Torrent (PC) Download - Uptowngames


All fans of domestic football and admirers of sports simulators were undoubtedly pleased to know that Andrei Shevchenko is among those who represent the new season’s FIFA game this year – his photo is on the cover of the disc.
Just note that the FIFA 2005 interface has become simpler and looks much nicer than last year’s version. Again there is a section for creating football players, familiar to fans from earlier releases. The new player should come up with a name, choose a suitable appearance, adjust his attributes and choose a club for which he will play later. In addition, the player’s image will help to create defiantly colorful boots, as well as various accessories – earrings, bandages, bracelets.
The number of football associations has increased markedly. Now you can play in the championships of Mexico, Brazil and Portugal.
Career Mode in FIFA 2005 makes you completely forget about any European competitions for several seasons. After all, from now on you will have to start coaching with the club of the second division, which the Champions League can only dream of. All that remains to be done is to skillfully manage the team and hope that they will offer you work in a more eminent club. In total, Career Mode is designed for 15 game years, so you should be patient. You should not deceive yourself greatly about the possibility of simulating matches – it has become much longer and now resembles a similar process in Championship Manager: the game itself is not visible, however, there are periodic reports of the most interesting events on the field. Success in this case depends on the chosen tactics and physical form of the players, although if the situation develops unfavorably for you, you can enter the game at any time. The only way to quickly feel the charm of official international matches is to create a small “squabble”, that is, your own championship, if you wish, naming it after any prestigious football tournament.
For various merits in this game you will earn points. Their accrual is reported upon the completion of a task, for example, after winning the championship. You can easily find out the number of points scored in the My FIFA 2005 section. You can manage your virtual resources in the My FIFA 2005 Store – for example, by spending them on opening night stadium modes, acquiring new balls, alternative sets of uniforms and even stimulating judges. In addition, the assortment of this “store” has a number of tunes that, after their “purchase” will begin to play in the game. Although the simulator already lacks a variety of music.

Title: FIFA 2005
Publication Type: License
Genre: Sport (Soccer) / 3D
Developer: Electronic Arts
Year: 2004
Platform: PC

Interface language: English + Russian
Tablet: Not required

FIFA 2005 Torrent (PC) Download - Uptowngames FIFA 2005 Torrent (PC) Download - Uptowngames



Microsoft Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP Operating System
Intel Pentium III 700 MHz processor or equivalent
256 MB RAM
800 MB of free hard disk space
3D graphics accelerator with 32 MB of video memory



FIFA 2005 Torrent (PC) Download - Uptowngames






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