10,000 Bullets (2005) Torrent (PS2) Download

10,000 Bullets (2005) Torrent (PS2) Download - Uptowngames

10,000 Bullets (2005) Torrent (PS2) Download - Uptowngames


10000 Bullets – shooting from 3 faces with the maximum possible use of Slow-mo. 5 characters, each with their own abilities. The plot is twisted around the bandits.
The heroes, however, are also not bastards: they can not only shoot, fight and slow down time, but they are also able to learn a whole bunch of all kinds of skills. Hit the target by shooting blindly; deftly evade all attacks except explosions; use grenades – abilities are learned for points scored directly at the levels. There are five heroes – three main and two secret – and the styles of the game for each of them are markedly different: one uses a gun, the other an automatic machine; the third one does not know how to shoot, but in kung fu he knows no equal; the fourth is not inclined to acrobatics, but makes up for it with a rich set and the frequent use of various skills.
10,000 Bullets manages to be spectacular. Acrobatics, trains of bullets flying past, picturesquely scattering to the sides of the bodies of defeated enemies – Hong Kong militants and the super-popular Matrix cannot be forgotten. And, as in similar films, numerous enemies are needed here only in the honorable role of cannon fodder. They run out of every door, fall from the sky, emerge from the air – barely leaving time to recharge. It is their number that makes the use of bullet time a necessity; in the case of bosses, however, the same need is also dictated by the quality, that is, the length and complexity of the battle. The bosses in the 10,000 Bullets are numerous and endowed with a wide variety of abilities (including, like you, they can manipulate time), forcing them to develop an individual approach to each.

10,000 Bullets (2005) Torrent (PS2) Download - Uptowngames 10,000 Bullets (2005) Torrent (PS2) Download - Uptowngames


Release year: 2005
Genre: Action
Developer: Blue Moon
Publisher: Taito Corporation
Platform: PS2
Region: PAL (There is a PAL / NTSC selector)
Media: DVD5
Age: 16+
Language: RUS / Multi5 (English French German Italian Spanish)
Type of translation: text
Multiplayer: no


10,000 Bullets (2005) Torrent (PS2) Download - Uptowngames






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